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The next evolution in personal transportation - the AirTaxi and eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) vehicles provide an unparalleled level of freedom. 

To complement that feeling the SOLAPAVE landing pads offer the convenience of knowing your vehicle is always charged and ready to go! 


The Landing pads feature 50kW - 300kW of daily energy generation, capable of storing that internally and wirelessly charging the battery of any craft fitted with a receiving coil, which we provide as part of the package.


SOLAPAVE are working with Urban Air-traffic Control companies internationally to enable a network of landing pads, providing ease of use to the user and increased possible destinations.

Air Taxi Landing Towers

Winner of the 2022 Green Design Award, working alongside the Giancarlo Zema Design Group, the Baobab Landing Towers utilize SOLAPAVE's patented landing pad to enable a cable-free charging infrastructure that provides the utmost convenience and safety for the passengers and crew.

Photo 26-02-2021, 14 53 41.jpg

Drone Logistics

While passenger transportation is a key factor in Urban Air Mobility, the other major improvement come to logistics delivery. Drones are already delivering urgent medical supplies across congested cities where time is the most important factor. Having a charged and ready vehicle is paramount in such situations.


AirTaxi Vertiports

Vertiports and Urban Airports will begin to establish themselves around existing transportation hubs. The adoption of the air taxi as a daily means of transport and the normalisation of drone air services means a reliable and robust charging infrastructure is a must. Solapave landing pads put no additional demand on the local grid and are often planned as off grid constructions powered by the surface, while also safely charging the air vehicles on a cable-less flight deck. 

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