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Cladding & Roofing

The built environment is evolving. There is no other way to look at it. For the first time in modern civilisation we are able to confidently say that every building can be self sufficient. 

Previously when creating the design on a new apartment building, hospital or home there were amongst the many factors at play, 3 that stand out as paramount.

  1. Financial Budget

  2. Energy Budget

  3. Carbon Budget

This was done so that the property had low running costs and a limited environmental impact on global warming.

The difference with Solapave; there are no running costs for an electrically powered home fed by SOLAPAVE wall cladding and flat roofing. Saving over 5000 tons of Carbon per metre throughout its lifetime compared to traditional power generation for the same unit.

Cladding System

Every new building can now be energy independent. No more bills. 

Covering the wall area in SOLAPAVE cladding increases thermal performance and provides 1kW per day per sq. metre.  


Add colour to your build

SOLAPAVE enables the option of colour to be added to any build. This is done with colouring the actual photovoltaic element and doesn't affect the performance of the LED's on top.



SOLAPAVE covered buildings are a statement piece. Landmark properties that stand out for all the right reasons. Sustainability merged with performance.

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