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Road Infrastructure

A vital commercial infrastructure and the arterial network to our very way of life.


By 1902 Hooley had patented the process of heating tar, adding slag to the mix and then breaking stones within the mixture to form a smooth road surface. Having perfected the operation, Hooley began transforming road surfaces with Radcliffe Road, Nottingham becoming the first tarmac road in the world.  

Since then the road formula has stayed much the same, however the vehicles that travel on them have gone through several generations of evolution in design, function, and propulsion systems.


Until now the technology needed for roads to make that generational leap forwards has been limited by cost performance and reliability endurance which had not been available.

The key issues facing the world in terms of environmental impact are:

  1. Electrical energy; generation, storage, access.

  2. Unrecyclable plastics

  3. Rubber waste

Much of the componentry of SOLAPAVE utilizes waste materials, using them to their engineering benefit safely within a long-term and useful infrastructure product while creating enough energy to ensure a financially viable system.

Integrated Solar - Using space twice!

Modular System that grows with your population

First in or last - Solapave provides the energy solution for the 21st century

Generating a market leading 200Whrs per sq. metre.

Creates Energy and stores it where its needed.

Taxi On Road

Wireless EV Charging

Dynamic Charging up to 22KWhr

Infrastructure to Vehicle communication manages battery storage levels

Never need to stop to plug-in again

The end of charge anxiety


eBike Charging and more!

Any vehicle or device with a receiving coil can use the network. eBike, eScooter, Phone or laptop computer. The power is there when you need it.

Road cycling in the city
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