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Solapave announces collaboration with eVertiSky

The partnership is aimed at transforming FATO areas in Vertiports by implementing PV pavements with integrated LED lighting and wireless charging, thereby enhancing safety during take-off and landing. Additionally, it focuses on advancing research and development in smart FATO infrastructure for varied operational uses, aiming to create adaptable infrastructure capable of supporting a range of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) aircraft, including different eVTOL models. 

Sandra Formenton, CEO of eVertiSKY, emphasized the importance of the partnership: "Partnering with Sola Group aligns with our vision of creating advanced, smart vertiports capable of accommodating various UAM aircraft. Our combined R&D efforts aim to streamline takeoff and landing processes at our vertiports to host any type of aircraft, focusing on developing a FATO that meets current operational needs and is adaptable for future UAM advancements.

eVertiSKY's strategy involves a deep integration of Sola Group’s Solapave into its Vertiport design across its current contracted projects aiming to offer a Vertiport infrastructure that not only prioritizes safety but also embodies innovation in UAM infrastructure. Dominic Mangles, CEO of Sola Group, noted, "Our joint effort with eVertiSKY is centered on upgrading UAM infrastructure. We aim to develop vertiports that emphasize safety, interoperability, and environmental sustainability, utilizing our advanced pavement systems.

Sola Group brings its extensive experience in sustainable pavement solutions to the partnership, providing a comprehensive approach to photocatalytic pavements for vertiports. This approach encompasses wireless charging, improved ground operations, and adherence to sustainability practices. Solapave, their innovative solar-powered paving system, replaces conventional pavement with solar technology to generate clean energy, featuring a full LED infotainment display and a non-slip surface. 

eVertiSKY, based in Chicago, is a single-source provider of advanced ground space and airspace infrastructure for UAM in the commercial low altitude airspace. They play a pivotal role in designing Vertiports and airspace infrastructure, crucial to the UAM industry’s evolution. Their projects, including comprehensive radius within the Vertiports, serve as a network cornerstone for interconnected UAM operations, promoting broader public access to ancillary investments based on their Vertiport as Anchor core vision. As a world-class developer of eco-sustainable vertiports with a NASA commercial license for UTM co-development, eVertiSKY is also the inventor of the Software Defined Airspace platform, a UAM traffic solution aligned with planned ATM, Remote ID, and regulated conOps.

On November 20, 2023, eVertiSKY, based in Chicago, and South Carolina's Sola Group LLC, announced their partnership to advance Vertiport projects. This collaboration brings together eVertiSKY's expertise in ground and airspace infrastructure with Sola Group's specialization in PV-LED pavement technology, specifically through its Solapave product line.

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