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The benefits:

  • Renewable Energy

  • LED lighting Safety

  • Community Convenience

  • Electric Bike/Scooter Charging

  • Energy Storage for Emergencies

  • User Interactivity

  • Landowner Owner Revenue Stream

Supporting Growth

When developing an area, new build or redevelopment, its important to look at the next 20, 50 or 100 years. Installing SOLAPAVE in public spaces provides a necessary surplus in high demand areas and thus reduces the strain on local grid infrastructure. As living density in city centres increase this is an elegant solution to the power demand rising.

City view

Fully Interactive 

The SOLAPAVE system isn't all fun and no play. The app contains a number of programs and interactions that are displayed on the sidewalk or pavement with you;

  • Improve Cardio with Beep Tests, Shuttle Runs and Scavenger hunts

  • Directional Assistance

  • NFT Character walk-along

  • Light Painting - temporary LED graffiti 

Running in Park

Sustainability = Fun

The act of protecting our planet for future generations needn't be a chore. With SOLAPAVE we have an opportunity to increase our standards of living while also benefitting the planet. Gone are the grey monotonies of the urban landscape, and what replaces it is tangibly more appealing, visually and in capability.

City Crowds
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